Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is a famous horror adventure game developed by Scott Cawthon. The biggest challenge of the game is how to survive all the terrifying nights, including all the special nights after you complete the first 5 nights as well. Obviously, the animatronics and their agro are extremely hard to tackle with in this final chapter. But, below here is some of useful tips and game mechanics for you to beat off this challenge! Let’s check them out!

Getting Started

  • Prepare your headphones and put them on, you can totally beat the game with your headphones
  • Turn up your volume to the maximum. It can be very creepy due to the jumpscares, but you need to do this to hear all the in-game sounds
  • Stay focused on the game

Game Mechanics

Night 1-4

How to beat FNAF 4

The initial thing you will encounter is the running sounds created by Foxy. He will start moving from left to right when you hear, meaning that if he sprints toward the right side, you shouldn’t move to the left doors, or else he will sneakily enter your closet.

Frequently check the doors carefully! When you move to your door, you need to know which one you should choose, shut or flash the light. It totally counts on what you hear. If it’s breathing sound, then shut it quickly, if not, you can freely use the flashlight. Before you make a decision, you should wait for around 3 seconds when you are the door. If you play alone without any noise, you can totally hear the footsteps sound done by Bonnie and Chica. So you will know if they are at the door or just move away. From time to time, you can hear the sounds emitting from the kitchen, meaning Chica is already there. You can feel secure because you no need to check the right side

Your bed is the next location you have to check sometimes. It can be viewed as a slow bomb that can be exploded anytime. You need to make a great use of the flashlight to make the little nightmare teddies move away, or they will call Freddy, and then you will be in trouble for sure.

Night 5

Night 5

This night is somewhat discrepant from the previous night. You only encounter one animatronic, but it’s extremely tough, faster and more brutal. You can deceive him with one way. When hearing him sprinting from left to right, no need to run fast and chase him, you can wait until he stays calm. After you hear the footsteps sound, you can count from 1 to 5 and move to the doors, you can be sure that he’s not leaving. Just don’t wait any longer, or else you will get jumpscared. If he leaves, you need to wait for 5 seconds, and then you can move after that, if he does once again, you can count to 4, then do it again and sprint towards the door.

When you stand at the door, just use the flashlight in a few seconds. If he’s still there, you need to shut the door and wait a little bit, until he moves away. No need to utilize the flashlight, if you’re sure about his appearance, just shut the door

It can be easy, but you should be careful with one difficult moment. It’s about the laugher you can hear. If there are footsteps and laugher that you hear, you just keep calm and act very normal. If it’s just only the laughter, then you’re probably in trouble. He probably appears everywhere, but the initial location that you should move to for checking is your bed and the closet. He will appear at these places mostly, if not, you can continue checking the doors. There is a possibility that you can’t find him and he will surely jumpscare you.

Night 6-8

Night 6-8

To beat off these nights, you should utilize and combine the mechanics of the previous nights
Use the mechanics of night 1-4 when the nights start at 12 am and end at 4 am, after 4 am, you can use the technique of night 5


Night 1

Night 2

Night 3

Night 4

Night 5

Night 6

Night 7

Night 8

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