Join Foxy’s Love Calculator and find out Foxy’s crush now! This fan-made game will bring you a bunch of amusement along with surprising results. Be ready to check it out now! As we know, Foxy is one of the protagonists in Five Nights at Freddy’s game, and he is a foxy which is considered as the strange animatronic. His location is Pirate Cove, and his purpose is to make sure the player still keep an eye on him frequently enough so that other animatronics can have more time for moving without being observed via surveillance cameras. In this game, we will explore the love calculator between Foxy and the one you know. Just only type the name of that person into a name bar, and then the result will appear with her words expressing feelings towards that one. You can type more than one name then you will find a full list of people after that, along with different scores. Let’s see if you can find a true mate for Foxy or not!

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