FNaF World Simulator Demo 2 is finally out. The game was made by a fan, and it consists of various new updates, new features, new animatronics and so on. This is the second demo version, and it promises to bring you new gaming experiences. Based on the original FNaF World created and developed by Scott Cawthon, this fan-made game will bring you another aspect of the game, which is extremely fun and thrilling. Several old parts will also be remade in order to give you more challenges. You will have another chance to explore Freddy’s world as well as unravel more mysteries. Find out the new information about this second demo now!

Updated description

It goes without saying that most of the in-game things are described by Redbear and White Rabbit, however, there are still other things that haven’t brought up yet in the demo.

Opened New Animatronics

Throughout your battle, you will see a bright arrow appeared in the top head of the character. If you take him down, he will have to engage in your team.

Animatronic Assaults

Every animatronic character possesses its own assault style. When you fight, you can use its skills and the attack style to support you. They are equipped with different assaults; they are extremely helpful.


You may have searched for the big bosses in the FNaF World already. If they make a decision on working with you, just select them so that they can support you in several savage fights. There is no denial that they are useful. If the adversaries have BossDrain, his stamina and health will be worn down; then he will need to be healed. Otherwise, he will get killed!

When all events come to an end, the enemies will cause chaos. Then they will commence reducing more and more. Then, Redbear will position 4 enemies to wipe out Freddy and CO. But, it’s extremely hard for 4 opponents to defeat the most powerful characters in the game.

The game puts you in the shoes of bad guys, and you have to try to defeat the kind ones.

How to play

In the game, you are supposed to create your own team consisting of 8 characters. When you develop your game, you will search for more things! Upgrading every single character is not necessary but, you need to upgrade your whole team. You can hunt for EXP that is filled crates in the world. They will consist of 50, 100 or sometimes even 300. Also, you may want to search for the breakable bosses that are covering themselves in the darkness and fear. They are so coward, and killing them is also your main mission. You need to make a decision and do whatever it takes to make them engage in the team with you. You can select them because they are able to fulfill a lot of stuff.

Perhaps, all of you has already learned about the progress, the only thing remaining is the assaults of the enemy.Check out the table below to find out things that have been completed so far: (table)

Task Status
Playable Characters 100,0%
Enemy Characters 0,0%
Overworld 41,1%
Minigames 0,0%
Save Files 0,0%
Endings 0,0%
Battle Mechanics 0,0%
Bytes 0,1%
“Second Party” feature 0,0%
Enemy Chips 0,0%
Playable Chips 0,0%
Total 0,19,6%

An ending will be attached for:

• Defeating the game normally, coming behind Redbear

• Disregarding Redbear

• Hunting for Scott Cawthon and fighting Freddy

• Hunting for Chipper and fighting Freddy

• Hunting for Supremem Fredbear

• Hunting for Crash Kandicoot

• Spawning a malfunctioned object

• Hunting for the fan

• Clock finishing, all animatronics will have to disregard Freddy.

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