All the fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s were kind of surprised because of the so-called “FNAF World” gameplay trailer. This spin-off game product will be released soon in next year, causing so much curiosity of people. Let’s take a deep dive into some fundamental information about the game!

The Characters

From the ending of the trailer, we can see that FNAF World is filled with a bunch of awesome characters that have specific skills and weapons. This is a big occasion for players to choose their favorite characters, or any character sets that they want to play. But why did we mention character sets? This could be because the Paper Pals and Endoskeletons are expressed as a threesome that will assault as one unit. No need to make everything turn into complex, all we need to know that the fundamental premise is to choose four options to build up a clan including the cute faces and characters coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Nevertheless, Scott Cawthon also made a list showing more characters that might not be mentioned before. According to what he said on an old Steam post, there were some “hidden animatronics” in “FNAF World” and they were known as Easter eggs. Definitely, we need to wait for the game to be out!


No much information about enemies in FNAF World, but we can partly know about them via the official trailer. In the video, we can see that there are various enemies that are just like robotic crabs trying to withstand and attack similar to Purple Fredbear coming from in the series earlier.

Character Names

In the trailer, the video also shown some of the awesome names of characters, the official name of the Balloon Girl Easter egg from Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 was JJ. And Funtime Foxy moniker can be the most curious one in place of Toy Foxy.

Gameplay And Assaults

Through all what we have witnessed in the trailer, seemingly FNAF World obey by the classic RPG conventions which are formed by the preferences of “Final Fantasy”. There will be a created “leader” for each clan that the player can utilize to control the world.
Similar to other turn-based battles, each clan member will possess three discrepant assault slots so that they can increase and level up to have more excellent power. There are some of the moves expressed to have a number two beside them. When utilizing, those strikes will release twice damage of their forerunners.

Without a doubt, not all every move can be utilized to assault, for example, Chica’s Cupake move, it was used to cure the pain and other injuries.

Full Move Sets

There are five discrepant move sets in FNAF World, let’s check them out:

  • Chica: Cupcake, Birthday, Waterhose
  • Spring Bonnie: Springlocks, Happy Jam 2, Cosmic Song
  • Phantom Mangle: Toxic Bite, Mystery Box, Pizza Wheel 2
  • Nightmare Freddy: Bite 2, Sludge, Freddles
  • Phantom Foxy: Jumpscare, Toxic Bite, Unscrew

There are some of the moves, such as Pizza Wheel and Springlocks, are a definite honor to FNAF horror world.

Other Tidbits

According to what we have seen in the trailer, the story of FNAF World was suggested to happen over countless discrepant settings. We’ve already witnessed a grassland from teasers and a short cut to an Ice Cave map.

Release Date

The trailer and teasers are unshakeable to confirm that FNAF World will not be available for downloading till a certain period of next year.

We honorably send a special thankful gift to Youtubers Dawko and Razzbowski for working through FNAF Reddit forum to search for information.

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