FNAF World is expected to be the forthcoming big spin-off product by Scott Cawthon. Will this game become a hot phenomenon and be highly anticipated by fans? Let’s find out now!

Official announcement from Scott Cawthon

Although Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 has been launched for 4 months ago, the game did cause strong impression on most of the players due to its unique and completely different story, some of the people still wondered whether Scott would come up with another one (exactly Five Nights at Freddy’s 5) or not, this aroused players’ curiosity and they keep pondering in their mind about that. According to what Scott Cawthon said, he emphasized that there would NOT be a Five Nights at Freddy’s 5 because the storyline as already over and neither Halloween update nor a new game would be included and introduced.

Instead of sitting and craving for a fifth version, or Halloween update, now people can change their direction to a brand new spin-off version which are currently in the development process. This game was called FNAF World! All the players will be completely surprised because of the difference in the game. It won’t be a horror adventure game filled with creepy stuff anymore! It is called a role-playing game in which you will have an opportunity to generate a clan by making the best use of wide choice of various characters coming from famous FNAF games. They are classic, like Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy, along with other clans such as withered, toy, phantom, and nightmares. These characters will appear as complete appearances; they are hilarious, friendly and fun in a certain way!

Scott Cawthon also made his promise to bring the free demo version to all the players right after the game is ready. There is no confirmed date for the game to be released, but it was hoped to come out in next year, 2016, as soon as possible. And FNAF World will be launched on PC, Android and iOS.

Download FNaF World

Right now, we can totally speculate some of the basic information about FNAF World via its official trailer uploaded by Scott Cawthon. As can be seen, from the trailer, all the appearances of the classic animatronics have been changed, along with the new strange appearance of some of other creatures. That’s so amazing, right? They won’t be spooky, creepy or merciless anymore! And of course, no more attacking, no more stalking or any killing from them! These animatronics will join a battle against the wicked robots by using their specific abilities and weapons. The trailer briefly revealed to us some of the awesome scenes and the quite new looks of animatronic troops. For more details, we need to keep calm and wait for the game to be fully released in next year!

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