Have you ever thought that you could date one of the animatronics in FNAF games? Engage in Five Nights of Love created and developed by a fan to go for this challenge! You are here as a new night watchman whose mission is to “hunt” for the animatronics around the building in order to catch their love. You will have to check every single camera because these targets roam around the area. Once meeting one of them, you need to start talking to them, or do something with them to increase your love points. Try to sweep the floors so that you can earn more cash to purchase presents for your “lovers”. It will be hard for you to get the one you love, and remember to keep an eye on the energy bar, if it reaches to zero, you will have to stop flirting with animatronics, end that night and start another one will full energy after that. Hope you have fun and see if you can get your true mate or not! Good luck!

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