Know what it takes to escape from the death in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4? The final chapter of this famous horror series is extremely tough and spooky! Most of the fans who are about to depart this creepy adventure needs to prepare nice tactics and strategies to tackle with the enemies. We’re here to bring some of the useful hints for you so that you can get past all the challenges and terrors in the game! Check it out!

How to beat FNAF 4

Useful hints to beat off the challenges in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

The game includes heavy breaths; you will probably hear one big breath lasting around 1-3 seconds after you go check the door

There are some little bear toys right behind you, and they always make noises. Don’t forget them! They probably fulfill two actions: cause you to be unable to hear anything around, summon other animatronics to scare you.

Flashlight has no limitation, so go and use it wisely

Remember to light some space once striking the face of animatronic with a door. They usually lurk themselves right behind the corners, so, they surely return.

All the animatronics will be equipped with the specific moves, like this:

  • The breath of Bonnie is extremely quiet
  • The breath of Chica is rapid; she can breathe louder once you get to the door.
  • Foxy will behave just like in the second part. You are supposed to shine his eyes, and then keep the door shut for 3-4 seconds, then repeat your cycle until Toy Foxy appears. In addition, he turns up in both halls, you can hear him. If you fail to catch sight of him, he gets into your closet for sure.
  • Freddy will appear after 3 Bear toys getting on your bed and gathering into big megazord.
  • Golden Freddy and Nightmare will approach you from both lobbies. You should head toward the door, check on it for 1 sec, and if you don’t catch sight of them, then close the door for 5-6 seconds, then leave it open, then go check it again.

You need to keep all the doors shut for 4-5 seconds prior the animatronics vanish. Foxy can vanish 5-6 seconds right after the doors being closed.

Night 5

About the flicker lights, if your light starts flickering, it is the sign telling you that a certain animatronic is so close to you. If you want to stop the light, you need to ensure that no animatronic is close to you.

If you hear the breathing sound, and you are not sure about it, just simply go check it! When you are the right door, and you hear something which is much like the bell noise or wind sound, it means that Chica is not close to you. The same goes for the left door, but it will have some clicking or knocking sounds.

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