Are you ready for the creepy challenges in Five Nights at Treasure Island? Based on the storyline of FNAF games, the fan-made version is a must-play because of its awesome gameplay and story.

The game takes place in an amazing place called “Treasure Island” in which you are put in the shoes of an intern of a researching team, and you are not permitted to take your leave from the office excluding throughout the Pirate Caverns. You’re going to face creepy nightmares filled with nasty costumes, including Photo-Negative Mickey, Disembodied, Goofy and so on. As an intern named Jake, you are here to gather the date from the area, and you will be provided with full information on how to succeed in surviving for all creepy nights. These costumes will wander around the location when the night comes, so you have to check on them frequently and carefully via cameras. There are up to 10 surveillance cameras for you to watch. Try to keep track of them and don’t let the mascot get into your office. If this happens, you must quickly open the monitor and thwart one of those cameras. Try to do this in time or else you will be destroyed for sure. Survive for five nights from 12 am to 6 am! Good luck!


Use the mouse to check on cameras, control and interact in Five Nights at Treasure Island game.

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