Play Five Nights at SpongeBob’s free online to experience hilarious challenges and give yourself a good test of your skills! Surely this fan-made game will get you addicted. In this version, you will have more fun with a brand new adorable character named SpongeBob, which is created by Nickelodeon. From here, your creepy adventure will start! Similar to the original version, you will be put in the shoes of a night watchman whose job is to watch the surveillance cameras to check every single movement of the enemies, shut the doors in time to stop them from entering your place. Your game goal is to survive for 5 nights and try your best to keep yourself safe from the onslaughts of those enemies. A creepy epic adventure at SpongeBob’s must be extremely amazing and fun! So, come to join the game and grab this challenge now! Hope you have a great time and wish you luck!

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