Five Nights At Freddy’s World Is An RPG, Is Real

For all loyal fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s, it will be very honorable to bring another FNAF game to them when there was an official confirmation from Scott Cawthon – a game developer saying that FNAF series wouldn’t have the fifth chapter since the story was over! What could that new game be? Is there another horror adventure game like FNAF? Let’s check it out now!

FNAF World

The forthcoming spin-off version of FNAF games is named Five Nights at Freddy’s World promising to bring a completely new appearance to all the fans. Here is the quote from our developer – Scott Cawthon:

“The new game that I’m working on will be called FNAF World. It will not be a horror game, but a role playing game where you create a party using the huge selection of characters from the FNaF games, including the classic, withered, toy, phantom, and nightmare versions.”

FNAF World is such an amazing RPG game in which people can choose their favorite characters to generate their own clans, parties using various weapons and skills to battle against the enemies. The game had been planned and expected to launch a demo in time for Halloween season, but the game is extremely larger scope, leading to the impossible chance for that demo to be launched. However, a demo will be released sooner right after it’s ready!

Viewpoint of Scott Cawthon

Witnessing all tons of FNAF games made by fan, Scott Cawthon has come to find that people would actually much enjoy and wish to discover some of the hidden corners of Freddy’s world, which inspires him to allow an official game to be launched so that all his fans can choose and play as the characters they prefer instead of hiding from them.

Viewed from different angles of the fandom, FNAF games totally came to fruition because of its particular story. How can the creepy animatronics in original games turn into adorable and friendly? That’s weird, right? Cawthon has suggested that the pieces of the backstory of the game already helped somehow, along with references to secrets, catastrophes, and horrors surrounding Freddy’s world.


Scott also expressed his thought when he first saw the title – Five Nights at Freddy’s World. He even thought that this game was taken place at FNAF theme park or a real life FNAF theme part was actually built up. He was speculating that FNAF world probably would be less based on the fictional series, but he still couldn’t figure out a reason for a clan of withered and nightmare robots to be created on adventures taken place in a theme park.

Scott would be very glad to see a real life theme part of Freddy, even though he could expect to the unavoidable Euro Freddy’s spin-off which shuts down for preservation and never opens again.
Let’s visualize the images of it 20 years from now, filled with rotting horror shows. Nightmare fuel of the highest octane.

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