Flying Freddy
Flying Freddy
March 8, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Freddy’s calling for your help! Join Flying Freddy which is a funny FNaF flash game made by a fan and experience an awesome challenge now! Your bear needs to fly through a space filled with disturbing blocks. Take control of him and help him fly as you try to...

Freddy Dress Up
Freddy Dress Up
March 4, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Want to become a stylist for Freddy Fazbear? Join Freddy Dress Up and help him choose his favorite outfit now! This FNaF game is so simple! There are five outfits with different colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue and purple, along with two stylish caps. Pick the one...

Freddy's Nyan Cat Creator
Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator
March 1, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Another FNaF game online is waiting for you now! Join Freddy’s Nyan Cat Creator to fly high your creativity! This is the game that you can make whatever you want! There are some of the cool features and awesome parts that you can select to decorate your cute cat....

FNAF Personality Quiz
FNAF Personality Quiz
January 26, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Do you want to know which character in FNAF game suits your personality? Let FNAF Personality Quiz game give you a cool test to find out which one you could be! In the game, there are various questions relating to your personality, your private hobbies and so on. Your...

Five Nights of Love
Five Nights of Love
January 25, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Have you ever thought that you could date one of the animatronics in FNAF games? Engage in Five Nights of Love created and developed by a fan to go for this challenge! You are here as a new night watchman whose mission is to “hunt” for the animatronics around...

Five Nights at Thomas's Free Online
Five Nights at Thomas’s Free Online
January 23, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Join Five Nights at Thomas's free online and get ready to take a job at a tasty pizza restaurant now! The game is a fan-made version based on the storyline of FNAF game. The Thomas's Pizza Railway is viewed as a paradise of tasty pizzas that you can enjoy...

Foxy's Love Calculator
Foxy’s Love Calculator
January 22, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Join Foxy’s Love Calculator and find out Foxy’s crush now! This fan-made game will bring you a bunch of amusement along with surprising results. Be ready to check it out now! As we know, Foxy is one of the protagonists in Five Nights at Freddy’s game, and he is...

Five Nights At Treasure Island
Five Nights At Treasure Island
January 20, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Are you ready for the creepy challenges in Five Nights at Treasure Island? Based on the storyline of FNAF games, the fan-made version is a must-play because of its awesome gameplay and story. The game takes place in an amazing place called “Treasure Island” in which you are put...

Five Nights at SpongeBob's
Five Nights at SpongeBob’s
January 16, 2016 FNAF Games freddy

Description: Play Five Nights at SpongeBob’s free online to experience hilarious challenges and give yourself a good test of your skills! Surely this fan-made game will get you addicted. In this version, you will have more fun with a brand new adorable character named SpongeBob, which is created by Nickelodeon....

Five Nights at Freddy's World Free Online (Fan made)
FNAF World Online (Fan made)
December 29, 2015 FNAF Games freddy

Description: As far as we know, FNAF World free online is created by a fan who inspired from the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game. The game will be a completely new experience to all players because it’s not a horror adventure game anymore. It’s so unbelievable that the creepy...